Pearl Reflections

We are not just an online store. We are a manufacturer. Pearl Reflections is exclusively making Handcrafted Soaps, Candles, and Jewelries. Our Candle and soap products cannot be seen in stores’ isle commercially, because it’s a made-to-order process. We produce our soaps in advance but, not our candles. We only make customers’ orders and has minimum production of 3 days, but that depends if we are not that busy. We don’t have Standard Candle Holders. Candle Holders that we used to our products are FREE for you. If you choose to provide your own candle holders, especially the glass plates and bowls, we will not adjust our pricing. Customers are paying our Art, the designs that we produce and not specifically the materials we used. Some instances that customers’ complaints about the Plates especially in the Mixed Fruits, just transfer the Formed candles in your plates of choice or bring your own plates to us.

Pearl Reflections Goal and Mission

Why is it Handmade?

We want our products to be unique. This is to apply the state of the art of the humanity whose thoughts can only be expressed through its finished products, and that no machines can ever made. Our Goal is to produce unique products with the best quality.

Plant Based Oils and Waxes

Our mission is to reduce Global Warming, that as much as possible, we have to use plant-based oils and waxes to our soaps and candles as its primary ingredients to reduce or totally stopped the usage of animal fats, and Synthethic oils that other manufacturers used to make soaps and candles these days. The Synthethic or engineered oils are used as main surfactants for soaps that are harmful to our environment and especially to our skin, therefore, we strongly believe that by using our mother nature’s plant oils, butters, and waxes to our products might can contribute to reduce the global warming.

Pearl Reflections dedicate its goal and mission to the People and the Mother Earth.

Customers’ Satisfaction.

Every store has its promising words of being committed to providing their customers’ satisfaction, so are we. We will provide fast service with high quality products at reasonable prices. Pearl Reflections takes great pride to our own handcrafted products. As new items are produced and added to our line, we dynamically update our online catalog and brochures handed to our wholesalers and retailers. We hope to build a long-term business relationship to our customers.


Miss Rebecca Gutib-Sy                                                                                                                                               

Pearl Reflections Owner/Designer