There are many fruits and vegetables that we don’t know their other benefits yet aside from they are very rich in Vitamins and Minerals, Guyabano or known as Soursop and Cilantro for example.  What is Guyabano Guyabano or known as Soursop that grows taller than a bungalow house, that bears fruits in a no specific month or has no seasons.  Many researchers of today found that Guyabano or Soursop is a cancer cell killer aside from offering a lot of Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin C, Iron, Riboflavin, Phosphorus, Thiamine, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Niacin, Fiber, and so on. It is used also as anthelmintic. Anthelmintic means an agent used to eradicate intestinal worms and that was our Grandparents and Parents that given us when we’re toddlers.  In our hometown in Amlan, province of Negros Oriental, Philippines, we can find these trees growing everywhere. We have few Guyabano trees in our backyards that there’s no season in bearing fruits. At that time, we didn’t know that the leaves are beneficial too. It’s just known in the later days by some alternative medicine researchers that it can kill cancer cells.  Maybe aside from that, there are still a lot more benefits from this fruit tree that we need to know.

In the other hand, what is Cilantro by the way? Cilantro or also known as Coriander is in a group of green leafy vegetables that is present in most of the Asian and American delicacies. Aside from that, Cilantro has an antimicrobial agent that is beneficial to our largest organ, the skin. It is an alternative medicine for acne, minor cuts, wounds and other skin irritations including dermatitis and Psoriasis. This green leafy vegetable has many more benefits that small and large cosmetics and soaps manufacturer companies include the extracted green leafy vegetable to their products as natural ingredients. One of this companies is Pearl Reflections that most of their soaps and cosmetics has fruits and vegetable juice and extracts; who are not tired of researching what’s the best fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to our skin and include Cilantro in their soaps and cosmetics products as the natural antimicrobial agent in the combination of selected essential and carrier oils.

Natural Sleeping Aid. Guyabano leaves and Cilantro for me have great tastes when it combined as tea. I used to have Guyabano Tea always even if it is a bit expensive than the regular tea out there, because it says it is a cancer cell killer. Even though I wasn’t diagnosed as a cancer patient, I used this as a preventative alternative medicine in whatever benefits that it may bring to my body.  I used to drink a mug of Guyabano Tea every night before bedtime. It was just an accidental mixing Cilantro to my tea when I was looking for something additional aroma for my tea and thinking of honey but I run out of it. I was also cleaning the table and saw that we have that leftover Cilantro from our dinner and about to put it in the fridge. I was thinking of, why not trying it out. I put a bit of Cilantro around 3 or 4 stems including leaves into my mug of tea. I supposed to drink it before bed but I was curious of the smell of the tea with the Cilantro, so I sip a bit while cleaning the kitchen and dining table. It was a good taste and took another sip of it until I noticed I am about to finish the mug of tea. Few minutes after, I felt my eyes are heavy and took a glance in my wall clock, it’s just 8:45 PM and that usually I feel sleepy when I’m on my bed already while browsing in my friends Facebook walls and mine. But, what the heck is going on that it was so early I felt so sleepy, was so funny. I was thinking of maybe I was just tired from the whole day in the office. I was entering data of that massive project in our system and that maybe my eyes were tired too.

The following day, Thursday, I’d still don’t have that honey since I usually went to the grocery store during Saturday and again, I put the chilled Cilantro into my tea mug and soak it there for few minutes before drinking. After a mug of tea, I went to the bathroom and doing some ablutions as usual before bed, noticed that my eyes are heavy again. I said, what’s going on with me these days? I wasn’t tired the whole day because I only have that finishing touch of data to edit from the other day. I said, there is something’s going on that brings me to sleep this early. The following day, Friday, since I am off during Saturday and Sunday, I cooked our dinner late and do the usual kitchen cleaning late too. It’s already around 10:20 PM and I didn’t feel any signs of sleepy. So, I sit on watching free movies on TV and still I don’t feel sleepy and that was almost 1:00 AM already. After the couple of movies, went to the kitchen and took the last few of the Cilantro in the fridge and the last Guyabano Tea and put them together into my mug of microwave-boiled water and brought it to the bedroom. Sipping the tea while checking some mails in my phone and reading a bit of my friends’ postings in their walls in Facebook, felt the heaviness of my eyes again. I said, wow! Now it’s proven that it’s really the combination of Guyabano Tea and fresh Cilantro is a SLEEPING AID. I don’t need to ask my doctor of any sleeping aid tabs if I can’t sleep at night as there is a natural alternative for it.

This is just an alternative sleeping aid, and it works for me and shared it to some of my friends too and works well. But, any of you have trouble of sleeping, please consult your physician as I cannot recommend that this is the best or suitable for you. I just shared my own experience and I proved it myself, but still I cannot tell that it is best for everybody, especially if one is allergic to any of the ingredients that I am referring to. Thank you very much for dropping by and taking time of reading this informational page.

Best regards,

Rebecca Gutib-Sy