A Centerpiece Carved Candle

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This Centerpiece Carved Candle comes with glass or crystal vase to hold the candles. Each centerpiece has one carved candle in the middle along with handmade flower designs (not molded) and leaves. This carved candle core is scented with Lavender Rose Fragrance Oil, although it is scented the clear gloss that protects the design leaves an odor but not when it’s lit. It weighs approximately 5 Pounds or more and the vase used measures 10 inches width, 7 inches tall, and 6 inches in top-opening. The carved candle in the middle is approximately 7 to 8 inches tall, while the rose flowers measures 2-1/2 diameter, and 3 inches tall. Other dummies in each side are molded flowers aside from handmade leave decorations. Vases varies because we used discontinued production of glasses and crystals to it, but mostly designed crystals.

Materials: Pure Paraffin Wax, Wax Pigment Colorants, Stand-alone Wick (has metal core), and Fragrance oil.


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