Cupcake Candle (set of 6 pieces)


One order has 6 pieces. Sprinkled Candle Cupcakes.

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These candles are made of edible Soy Wax, bakery sprinkles, fragrance oil, candle colorant, stand-alone wick, and tin for wick stand. We don’t sell it individually, but 6 pieces per order. In one order contains 6 pieces automatically, so when you click on 2 or 3 items at the shopping the cart it will be multiplied to 6. For example, you clicked 1,  you will receive 6 pieces, when you clicked 2 means you will receive 12, and so on.

It measures 4 inches tall and weighs approximately 3.5 ounces per piece. The 6 pieces are weighing the total of 21 ounces or 1.3125 lbs when shipped.  The  candles are made-to-order and will ship after 2 business days. We avoid over production, so we don’t make candles in stock.


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Candy Sprinkled, Choco Sprinkled, Mint Sprinkled, Assorted


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