Mixed Fruits Candle


Looks like real fruits. No standard Plates used.


Product Description

Mixed Fruits Candle

Our mixed fruit candle is a a unique display to the dining tables with or without occasions. Some customers who order this preferred to use this on Thanksgiving day or New Year. The Plates or the candle holders for these Mixed Fruits Candles Varies. We don’t have specific standard plates for it, if you would like nice plates of your choice, you can bring it and we can use it instead of our free plates provided. We don’t adjust our prices just because you brought your own plate. You will pay us our design, the art, but not for the materials costs actually. Some instances that customers complaining about their plates, those plates we provided are FREE, so you just transfer the candles into your desired plates.

Materials: All fruits are made from 100% Paraffin Wax, Base is 100% Palm Sustainable Wax. We used cotton wicks to all our fruit candles. Different fragrance oils are being used to the different fruits in the display. As usual, we used pigment colorants to most of our candles.


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