Into the world of handcrafting, the best tools are simple thoughts with brilliant ideas and of course with the help of our mighty hands. It always requires great patience if we want to see real amazing things in the future. Every movements of our hands and every stroke of our fingers matters on whatever things we are making.

Every time I pictured things out to make a new candle design, I write it down or else I can’t remember it at the end of the day. I always have sketch pads and pens on easy access everywhere I go, in my bag or on my side table’s drawer. In my candle designing, I usually prefer to do it during my 3-day & 4-day offs from my fulltime job. I usually do it in the morning with a peaceful mind when brilliant ideas are still fresh. Sitting in front of my personal laptop, with the previous sketches I’ve made on few sketch-pad pages, have my eyeglasses ready, and of course a cup of coffee to start my day. To give life on the sketches I’ve made on a piece of paper, I usually write down the raw materials first and calculate the cost by dividing its weight. Write all the equipment and tools to be use before each try outs. I always have my paper and pen ready to write down every downfalls and success on the making. Learn from the downfalls and not apply it again and continue applying procedures if it is successful. Mind will quickly produce new ideas while hands are working, how to make it easier with safety as always.

I set up personal protocols and procedures and followed it in handcrafting my Candles, Soaps, Jewelries, and Cosmetics. I get used to it doing without any shortcuts from scratch to finish. Sometimes can’t avoid on the excitement what’s the finished product looks like and just grab on possible things we can use on trying it out, that’s a big DON’T DO IT! What I have learned from my previous experiences was should always record and follow protocols and procedures that you set in, so that it will not end up on asking yourself how you did it on your first try, second try, and so on. These are just the basics, but effective in handcrafting. I will not say every handcrafter must follow what I have stated here because that depends on the individual’s process of learning method and procedure. What’s easier for me for example is not easy for others to do and what’s hard for me makes easier for others too.  

Handcrafting always requires great patience if we want to see real object in a good shape in front of us as a result. Always remember that things can’t be done nicely if your mind is occupied with a lot of things. Patience is present if we have peace of mind, calm and relax. I have these experience in making my first try out of my sketch in candle design. I lost patience in following step-by-step procedure and I didn’t follow GMP (good manufacturing practice) procedures as well, because I was very excited on how it looks like when it will finish. I didn’t prepare the things and equipment to start with the try out and I just grabbed one by one on the things that I needed without weighing. I got scalded with the melted wax and I got angry by myself because it hurts, I must start all over again and wait for another minutes before the wax is ready. Must think of safety and precautions especially when melting waxes, molding, carving or any products we are making. You will see how things are amazing that from that simple thought there are brilliant ideas, that our hands could create absolute unique things. Every movement of our hands matters; and every stroke of our fingers could contribute these matters. I don’t know how others elucidate things like these. But for me, all beautiful creations are from a simple thought but extremely brilliant, it is called wisdom that God’s greatest gift to each of us. From that God’s gift, in this lifetime we could create beautiful things from a wonderful imagination with our mighty hands in handcrafting.

By: Rebecca Gutib-Sy | Pearl Reflections Owner