Therapeutic Hot Wax

               Does anyone of you here experienced on hot or cold therapy? Well, I tried both, but the cold therapy hurts me more causing more pain. Last 2016, I got an injury from right neck down to my right 5 fingers. It was a troublesome on my daily regimen especially on ablutions on the toilet, I can’t use my right hand since I am a right-handed. There were times that even to lift a 1-liter container of water I dropped it from so much pain and my fingers got stiffed and my knuckles got locked up. If I tried to straighten them, I’m afraid I might break my fingers. My therapy twice a week didn’t help me reduced the pain unless I will take pain reliever on higher dose. Been tried the topical pain relievers like spray, roll-on gels and even the patches but pain still going back.

               Wintertime, a lot of holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year and of course it’s candle season. I remember when I was a child, our Grandmother put hot water into glass bottle if one of us have stomach pain, she slowly rolling the bottle with hot water on it on our tummy. After few minutes pain subsides, and even to bruises too she uses it on us to lessen the hematoma. I was looking at the wax while melting, thinking of if the hot water on the bottle helps subsides the stomach pain, how about the hot wax? Instead of pouring the melted wax onto the molds, I tried to touch the melted hot wax slowly. Deeping my fingers anteroposterior (front to back) until I can endure the temperature of the hot wax. Doing with it for almost 15 minutes, I noticed that I can bend my finger joints and pain lessens as well. I stopped for a bit and calling my grandma’s name (she passed away when I was 16 years old) and thanked her for that home remedy that she’d taught to us during our childhood.  

               Since I can bend my fingers, was just playing with the melted wax that about to get hardened and formed it with different leaves, flower petals and there I discovered a new technique on different candle design. From then, on the same wax I tried to melt it over and over hand molding petals and put them together to form a beautiful rose flower. At that time, I was still on a medical leave, so I have plenty of time to make some roses candles. I spend 1 to 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon hand molding the roses bouquet that I copied the picture I got from the internet. Curious what’s that bouquet looks like? Well, if you read my first blog, that different colors of roses candles on the picture was my first perfect creation of hand molded roses bouquet. I attached different picture to this 2nd Blog, but if you didn’t read on my first Blog, kindly check the link —>

               At last, New year is coming and my right hand is usable again, my therapy was about to finish too. The doctor and the physical therapist was glad that at least my right hand has improvement and it says that it is a good sign going to recovery. Like the hot therapy I did to my fingers, I then put hot water on an empty bottle and slowly rolling onto my neck, shoulder going down to my arm. The hot wax cannot do anything on it as I’m scared, that I might scalding myself and can’t control the temperature, unlike if I am using the bottle, I can take it out at once. After few weeks, the workers compensation doctor lessens the restrictions and wants me to go back to work as light duty. Thanks to my Grandmother and thanks to the Hot wax as well that it’s been 3 years now that my fingers no longer locked up. Although, sometimes my shoulder and back hurts when cold season, but my hand is fine. This maybe because I am still on the candle making, hand molding my flower candles.

This article was a promise to the people who read my first Blog that I will post a follow up with it. I was just so busy with my unique candle creations with my full time job, and that is why I didn’t get the chance to do it. But now, schedule at work changed, have 3-4 days off a week. It’s the best time to post a second one, I don’t care about my grammars. So, critics from the first blog, here is the second one. 🙂


Rebecca Gutib-Sy

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